A Day At Muddy Fork

To give you an idea of what to expect, here's how the day goes at Muddy Fork...

Every Wednesday or Friday

Volunteers usually come once a week on a Wednesday or a Friday.

10 am : Meet at the Idle Valley Visitor Centre

We meet in the café at the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust's Idle Valley Nature Reserve visitor centre near Retford.  We have a drink and chat about what we'll do today.

10:30 am : Get Started

We don't work too hard, we keep it fun, but everything we do is useful and contributes to the garden and raising funds to keep us going.

All Day : Get Distracted By Wildlife

Enjoy some time with the birds, butterflies, dragonflies and everything else that shares the garden.

12:00 : Lunch

Enjoy lunch in the garden, in our Hub or outdoor workshop. Most people bring their own sandwiches, although some enjoy something tasty from the café.

1 pm : Afternoon Session

We may carry on the morning's work, or choose a different task, or maybe we'll all go for a stroll around the nature reserve.

2:30 pm: Finish Up

We'll chat about what we got done and what still needs doing, how it went for everyone and ideas for future sessions.

Everyone is different and if some of these things are a problem for you, don't worry, we never ask you to do anything you aren't comfortable with.