Muddy Fork Produce

Muddy Fork Honey

Muddy Fork has been blessed with a fantastically rewarding apiary within our gardens. 

Our beekeepers work hard to ensure that the bees are always at their best and pollination levels are sufficient. Treat yourself to a jar of our delicious honey, it's a big seller! 



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Muddy Fork Beetroot

One of our big growers within our gardens, these beetroots are bigger than you would typically get in a supermarket and have a phenomenal taste. 


Beetroots are low in fat but are packed full of vitamins and minerals. The range of powerful antioxidants that are found in beetroots make it a must for any dish.



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Muddy Fork Carrots

Another one of our root vegetables grown within our gardens, these bunches of carrots are available traditionally and in rainbow varieties. Whilst some of them may have a 'wonky' look, they have a sweet taste, one of the vegetables that once you've had grown fresh, you'd never want to buy from a supermarket again!


Carrots are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibres, a must for any dish!



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Muddy Fork Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem Artichokes, classed as a root vegetable, but interestingly is a species of sunflower native to South America. These grow very well as another root vegetable within the Muddy Fork Garden.

The benefits are that they are rich in iron to give you energy, along with potassium and vitamin B1, which supports your muscles and nerves. They are a great substitute for potatoes but they have a slightly sweeter and nuttier flavour. You can prepare them in a similar way, boiling, frying, baking or steaming.

Just £2.50 per lb.


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Muddy Fork Leeks

One of our most traditional growers is our range of Leeks. As usually found with organically grown items, these can vary in size, but as shown in the picture, they are chunky and you can trust us when we say, they are incredibly flavoursome. 

As part of the onion, garlic family, they have a sweet 'oniony' flavour, a perfect addition to your soups, casseroles or stews, however you use them, they provide a real punch to your meal. 

10 leeks for £4.50


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Muddy Fork Potatoes

Coming from our dedicated potato fields, another root vegetable grown within our gardens. These salad size potatoes, usually the Nicola or Charlotte variety, have that real homegrown feel. Delicate skins that make them amazing for either on a salad or as a boiled side for any dish!


Potatoes are high in nutrients like potassium and vitamin C, whilst containing moderate amounts of protein and fibre, they contain barely any fat. Add them as a filling side to almost any dish.


£2.50 per kg



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Muddy Fork Tomato & Courgette Chutney

Our chunky chutney is made using tomatoes and courgettes grown in our garden, it has had some amazing reviews. 

Perfect addition to your curries, ploughmans or cheeseboards, try our chutney, you won't be disappointed. 



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Muddy Fork Redcurrant Jelly

Our redcurrant jelly is made using redcurrants grown in our very own orchard, it is always a big seller. 

Perfect on toast or as a side to go alongside your cold meats, cheese or stir some into meaty stews. Give it a try, many of our customers repeat order, it's so good! 



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