Team Wellbeing Days

Bring your team for a day of outdoor activity at Muddy Fork.

  • Have a great time working together at something new
  • Learn about Muddy Fork and our mental health work
  • Physical activity (but not too much) to make you feel great
  • Discuss mental health and wellbeing at your workplace
  • Relaxed atmosphere, plenty to time to break and chat
  • Productive day and a sense of achievement
  • Action therapy!

Meet us to plan work for your team to get the satisfaction of making a significant contribution to our garden or other projects.

Add extra activities such as a yoga taster session or learning woven willow craft.

Support our mental health work by sponsoring the cost of our public Gardening for Wellbeing service for a day or more with your Team Wellbeing day contribution.

Contact us to talk about how we can help you and you can help us.

Our thanks to the Co-op team for a great day clearing the site for a new shed.  Lots of laughter, a good bonfire and a huge job completed!


"I didn't realise helping people improve their mental health could be so rewarding!"  Dave