Wellbeing for GPs

Attend our wellbeing days which are aimed to support doctors, and NHS staff with their mental health concerns.


Doctors are as at risk as anyone, if not more so, of burning out through work-related stress, or suffering with mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. 


Support in the workplace is crucial in any organisation, but with the high demands placed on GP's, it is essential that support is available for them to maintain their own mental wellbeing.


Muddy Fork provides an escape from those every day stresses and allows a release whilst carrying out difference activities. Attending some of our wellbeing days, designated to GP's allows you to,


  • Have a great time working together at something new
  • Learn about Muddy Fork and the work we do to help those with mental health difficulties
  • Partake in physical activity (not too much) to make you feel great
  • Discuss the importance of mental health and wellbeing within your workplace
  • Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with plenty of time to break off and chat
  • Feel the sense of achievement after a productive day with your team
  • Experience action therapy at it's best


Meet up with us to plan a host of activities for you and some of your team, not only will it be a satisfying day from the significant contributions made, but the experience of working together on something completely different in a relaxing atmosphere will prove invaluable.


As well as gardening and physical activities, why not add some extra activities, such as a yoga taster session or some willow craft workshops, having items to take away from the day. 

Contact us now to arrange your wellbeing days!

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