Who We Are


The board of trustees are responsible for the governance of our charity.

Rachel Orgill - Chair of Trustees

I’m so passionate about being a Trustee for a wellbeing and mental health charity. I have personal experience of corporate burn-out and my own garden was my haven, and if I can provide support for one person to have that safe space then Muddy Fork is doing wonderful work. I also love learning about the environment, Muddy Fork is set in a beautiful setting and Muddy Fork are giving back to nature. Working with the local community and being part of that community is amazing.

Darren Read - Commercial

Darren Read is the Managing Director at Amulet, the specialist security company of the Churchill Group. Darren has extensive experience in the industry having joined Amulet in 2014 after 11 years with Securitas. He has expertise in project management for major clients, commercial strategy and acquisition integration and a leading industry voice around major trends and developments in the security industry.

During my free time I enjoy the outdoors if that’s sport or being in nature. I have a passion for bird watching and happily spend weekends in Scotland. Being on the Board of Trustees is important to me due to the environment it provides for our participants. We can provide new our participants with a range of new skills and education about wildlife.

Barnaby Vallance - Health & Safety

Being a trustee for Muddy Fork allows me to combine my professional knowledge in health, safety and wellbeing with my recreational interests in nature and the environment. I feel very fortunate to be part of an organisation that provides the space for social interaction and support within a peaceful and safe environment. Muddy Fork is set in a beautiful location and is a wonderful place for participants to visit. The local connections that have been built help increase the great sense of community for all those involved.


Our Volunteers help Harri to run our practical activities,


Beccy Roberts

Bev Paul

Carole Wall

Chris McGlen

Christine Dunn

Garry Clarkson

Heather Davidson

John Dunn

Joy Paul

Pam Bates

Paul Hardman

Pippa Ramsay


Campfire Group

Our Campfire Group helps us keep informed internally and all up to date with developments. It's a creative ideas forum, and invites feedback to help us improve the service.  The group is open to all participants, volunteers, staff and Trustees, and meets quarterly around a campfire - weather permitting!