Vote to win us a Lovely Big Shed

Update 21st September 2017:  

Sadly we didn't win this time but thank you very much for you support. 

Our campaign did make us known to lots more people which helps attract more people we can help.

We finished the vote behind "Blind Mums Connect" and who could argue with that - a fabulous cause!

Sheds are important!  Stress and worries get left outside, dark moods lighten and over-active minds settle down to some gentle pottering about.  Or is that just me?  We can also store all the stuff we use in the garden, tools, plant pots, seeds, balls of string, buckets, watering cans...

Anyway, the OneFamily Foundation offer us the chance to win funding for a lovely big shed - IF YOU VOTE FOR US

To Vote for Muddy Fork Click Here

We've even cleared a site for the Lovely Big Shed with the help of some of our supporters.